Sultanpet: about 14 km from the farm is a small village at the base of Nandi Hills.

A flight of 1175 steps from here will take one to the top of Nandi Hills.

Sultanpet has a 200 year old cemetry which houses the tombs of the British Army Officers who were stationed here after Cornwallis ousted Tippu Sultan from the almost impregnable fort at Nandi Hills in 1791. The cemetry which was officially abandoned by the U.K High Commission in India in 1963 ia in a dilapidated condition due to complete negligence.

Though tiny, this cemetry is an evocative link to Bangalore's colonial past. It offers enormous opportunities as an educational tool being a starting point of some interesting lessons in local history such as Cornwallis's battle for Nandidurg (as Nandi Hills was known then).

It will be an excellent way to bring local history alive and link it with events that were happening in the rest of the country.