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We admit, you will not find a lengthy menu card at the farmhouse. The day's menu consists of freshly plucked vegetables (grown free of chemicals and pesticides) and the poultry and game birds available. Fresh milk and freshly laid eggs are available in plenty.

The caretaker will be glad to prepare and serve you meals of your choice. Please feel free to join him in our fully equipped kitchen if you are up to it. This could be an opportunity to awaken the chef in you and surprise your spouse with finger licking dishes.

We will be happy to arrange pick up and drop from Bangalore with prior intimation. Charges depend on the type of vehicle required. An Innova vehicle to carry 6+1 persons will be around Rs.2500/- per trip ( one way).
Transportation - Pick and Drop - Bangalore : Rs. 3500/- one way (Rs. 7000/- Round Trip)

Items like batteries, swimming suite, toiletries etc are available for sale in limited quantities. For availability items like Hot Water Bags, Cotton Mattress / Pillows, extra Bed Sheets / Blankets. Hair Dryer etc, please contact the caretaker.

Across the counter medicines for common illnesses and minor accidents are available Please check with the caretaker. Remember to carry your specific medicines as the nearest chemist is 10 km away

Should you wish to have your clothes laundered while at the farm, please hand over them to the laundry service in the farm. please remember that this is a free in-house facility and not a professional service. So please avoid giving your delicate / expensive clothes for laundry.

Sports Equipment
Adequate sports and games material to keep the whole family occupied is available. Please feel free to ask for it should you have difficulty locating it.